[SCCC] Trouble Completing N1MM Installation

Steve k0xp at k0xp.com
Fri Sep 28 01:50:29 EDT 2018

I''m having trouble getting N1MM+ to complete installation, on two 
separate computers, a 10-yr-old Sony VAIO laptop running W7, and a 
nearly-new Asus desktop running W10. In both cases, N1MM installed 
itself then got to where it wanted me to reboot. I did so, but there 
was no further N1MM notification when the machines came back to life. 
The instructions on the N1MM+ web site seem to indicate "the 
installer will ask you to set up an initial database and enter your 
station information into that database. If the installer asks you to 
browse for the folder in which user files will be placed, make sure 
this is the same folder that was specified as the User Files folder 
earlier in the installation process:".

But there is no N1MM folder of any kind n either My Documents (W7) or 
Documents (W10). Under Program Files, all the N1MM+ program files 
seem to be installed in each system. I've looked using the Search 
function in the user group reflectors but came up with nothing. A 
computer search for the files listed as being in the "user data/user 
files" found nothing, either, on either machine.

But what now? I've been trying to get this working for over a week 
now, plenty of time for someone else to have encountered the same 
problem and an update issued, but nothing so far. Thus, the error 
must be mine. But what??

I really don't much care about getting the old W7 laptop running 
N1MM+; but the new Asus W10 machine will probably outlast me, so it's 
kinda important. And no, I'm not at all proficient in W10; getting 
the new Netgear network adapter, and Firefox, running on this thing 
is as deep into W10 technology as I've ever gone.

Steve K0XP(/6)

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