[SCCC] April QST... and May, too

Steve k0xp at k0xp.com
Mon Apr 13 22:05:30 EDT 2020

I guess the ARRL decided to kill two birds with one stone. I received 
the April QST today.

And sitting right on top of it, in the mailbox, was the May QST.

Meanwhile, I still haven't received my March CQ. No, the digital 
editions don't count, especially with that idiotic Zinio application. 
The first time I went to that link, I couldn't even find any 
indication at all of any issue of CQ beng available. Several days 
later, I tried again just to make sure, and I still couldn't find it. 
Phooey, I'll wait for the printed edition. I prefer magazines I can 
hold and flip in my hands, anyway, especially when sitting on the 
throne.  =8-O (I don't like laptops sliding off my bare knees onto 
the floor and making a big crash, making others in the house come 
running... "STEVE!! STEVE!! You OK??!!)

SteveH K0XP

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