[SCCC] Santa Barbara antenna restrictions

Dr. Howard S. White drpaper at kleega.com
Mon Apr 13 22:41:48 EDT 2020

As usual Dennis does not know what he is talking about.

I have been through the City/Antenna Battles in San Diego and won.

PRB1 and the California Version do have legal basis and can be used.
While you have a legal basis, attitudes towards antennas do vary greatly between cities
Some such as San Diego and Poway have become  very accommodating NOW
Some are hostile

Ultimately the city can't reject the antenna tower outright but rather they must "Reasonably Accommodate YOUR NEEDS"
However Reasonably Accommodate is very vague so if a City digs in its heels you must be prepared to fight them
Which unfortunately get be very expensive.
From my experience if you show the City that you will continue the fight and never back down, you will win
If not, you will lose.

Sorry I don't have experience with Santa Barbara
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PRB1 is a toothless ineffective dog and hoax perpetuated by the ARRL

If you want to be screwed out of 10 grand - hire Hopgarten


On Mon, Apr 13, 2020 at 11:03 AM w6rw <w6rw at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Califirnia has integrated PRB1 into California state law. I dont know much
> about Santa Barbara but do know that most cities pat morr attention to
> California state law than they used to with PRB1Sent from my Verizon,
> Samsung Galaxy smartphone
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> sccc at contesting.com Subject: [SCCC] Santa Barbara antenna restrictions I
> just moved to the SCCC zone and was wondering if any club members
> hadexperience putting up antennas in the City of Santa Barbara or
> couldrecommend someone local I should talk to about this.  I know Fred
> K1VRpersonally from my days in MA but hoped to collect some local info
> firstbefore giving him billable hours....😀I live in on a 50x150’ lot in an
> older neighborhood with no HOA (!) and washoping to put up verticals or a
> mast for dipoles on my flat second storyroof.  If the local building code
> permits more than this, I hope to put upa small beam at some point.Any
> recommendations would be appreciated.73ClayNF1R-- Clayton
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