[SCCC] N6MI report on CQ WPX CW portable operation

J. Scott Bovitz bovitz at bovitz.com
Wed Jun 3 02:23:51 EDT 2020

Last weekend, I operated the N6MI contest van from Frazier Peak in the CQ
WPX CW contest. You can see a photo of the operation at n6mi.com (on the top
of the page).
The weather was nice -- in the day. The nights were very cold.
The van has a built in pneumatic mast. I used a small C3-S yagi at 60 feet,
an inverted dipole on 80, and a sloping dipole on 40 (heading east). 
I was visited by WA6CDR. In a former life, this ham serviced television news
vans. He enjoyed the (socially distant) views of a recycled news/Sprint COW
in action.
This was my first contest with the Yaesu FTDX101D. I love the receiver. I
was able to carve out a little space for almost every signal, including
scores of weak DX stations at S0 (S zero). The Yaesu's waterfall display is
a little different than the display on my Flex Radio 6500. I recommend a
large external screen.
My raw score is 605,754 --  before the angry and vengeful CQ WPX contest
robot rips apart my log and rescores my submission at 118 points.
The results were:
Band  QSOs  Pts  WPX  Pt/Q
3.5      37      52   11   1.4
   7      96     198   53   2.1
14     518     879  279   1.7
21     172     234   87   1.4
28      14      20    8   1.4
<<Total >> 837  1383  438   1.7
I am truly humbled by the great scores racked up by SCCC contesters.
I will see you on all modes in the June VHF contest on 6, 2, 222, 432, and
1.2. Please turn your beams northeast.

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