[SCCC] Amps for sale

m.weiss at yahoo.com m.weiss at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 21 17:54:30 EDT 2020

FOR SALE.  Alpha 9500 HF amplifier.  Clean.  All current Factory upgrades
(power transformer, blower, hall effect sensor, etc.).  Amplifier is capable
of producing power substantially in excess of legal limit.  Includes new
spare, just-tested 8877 final tube.  Non-smoker. $4,000.  Mark, K6FG.


FOR SALE.  King Conversions (www.qroking.com <http://www.qroking.com> ) SIX
METER Heath SB-220.  Very clean.  The amp will produce 1,500 watts out, but
out of kindness to the 3-500Z grids, keep down to 1400 watts.  Added
features include Harbach inrush current limiting, silent full QSK break-in
transmit/receive, alarm that sounds if amplifier left on and radio turned
off.  Non-smoker.  $1,500.  Mark, K6FG.            


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