[SCCC] What are everyone's plans for June VHF Contest This Weekend?

Tim Goeppinger timgep at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 9 13:07:09 EDT 2020

Awesome, Paul!

I will look for you.

Answers to your questions:

  1.   Very little 2m FT8.  I use it for long-haul shots up north.  Coordinate with the gang at www.n6sjv.org<http://www.n6sjv.org>  to make skeds.  You should be able to hit Sacramento on 2m FT8.
  2.    Yes, bring a handheld for  222, 440 and 900 and 1296.  I have 222 FM, and many others here will want to work you on the higher bands.

Be safe out there hiking.
Tim N6GP

Paul Gacek w6png at yahoo.com<mailto:sccc%40contesting.com?Subject=Re%3A%20%5BSCCC%5D%20What%20are%20everyone%27s%20plans%20for%20June%20VHF%20Contest%20This%20Weekend%3F&In-Reply-To=%3C23171B90-0A70-4A26-9546-2DDAB113A8D9%40yahoo.com%3E>
Tue Jun 9 12:18:05 EDT 2020

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I plan on hiking up to Throop Peak (9,100 ft) in the San Gabriel mountains. It has great visibility west, north and south. I’ll be on HF first as its a SOTA peak and then from 11am until the batteries die on 2m etc.

I’m planning on lugging my 857D and as many batteries as I can hike in and a 2m HO loop.

Questions for this experienced group;
1) What level of 2m FT8 activity should I expect in this event (none, some, lots?)
2) Is 222, 440 and 900 and 1296 on FM via a handheld of any value?

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