Steve k0xp at k0xp.com
Wed Jun 17 15:43:52 EDT 2020

At 11:52 AM 6/17/2020, Jim Neiger wrote:
>We will be hosting a "mini-Visalia", March 
>19,20, 21Â  2021 at the Visalia Wyndham (our old 
>Holiday Inn).   Emphasis will be on friends 
>getting together, with minimal structured 
>events.  We'll have a catered BBQ on Saturday 
>20th afternoon, and probably a mind altering 
>hour Saturday evening.  We're working with the 
>hotel to get a break on rates.  QRX. If anyone 
>wants to make a DX or contesting pitch, we'll be 
>open to that.  Let us know, please. Pass the 
>word to any and all who might want to attend. So 
>we can get a tentative head-count, please send 
>an email to N6TJ at SBCGLOBAL.NETÂ Â Â  Thanks 73, 
>Dick Norton  N6AA     Jim Neiger  N6TJ Co-Chairmen

Count me in. I don't zoom or youtoob or whatever, anyway. Email copied to N6TJ.

SteveH, K0XP 

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