[SCCC] Preferred generators ?

Timothy Coker n6win at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 29 10:31:13 EDT 2020

My testing for interference with the 2019 purchased 3kw inverter generator Harbor Freight Predator has been by no means scientific. However, while using primarily a Flex 6600 and  Icom 7610 with their visual displays of noise, and K3’s without, I wasn’t able to determine any problems.
One might speculate that it can be because my antennas were mainly at 130’ or higher and 200-300’ away... yes they were but only for a short usage time. The main experience with this generator was nearly every day use while building my AZ station. 
The antennas were as close to 20’ lateral distance and 30’ high during a 2A Field Day use when MJ, KL9A, and N4YDU came out. Nate put in some operating time and with the worst operating conditions didn’t have problems. Station grounding and such was non existent as we were still operating out of a travel trailer hooked up to that generator.
By the time WW CW came around K6AM and N0VD came to use what was essentially a 60’ C3 with wires located 100’ away for a MSHP with mult station. The HF gen was tasked with running all of our 120v items while N0VD’s diesel Mil generator handled the amp’s. The 3kw HF was very nice because it only required refueling every 10-12 hours under those conditions with it’s 4 gallon fuel tank.
After that phase the generator was asked to provide shack / Flex 6600 power for daily 160-10m use along with running my skimmer server. By now the antennas were at 130’ or higher and 100-250’ away.
I bought it with a LOT of trepidation. I’ve had immense interstation interference while doing 2BSIQ at my city lot in CA. I’ve owned noisy generators on past trailers. This particular and current HF inverter generator has really become something I won’t sell and will continue to rely on to run my 120v circuit in AZ if my power ever goes out.
John and I did have some startup and running problems during a particularly amazing torrential down pour while prepping for WW SSB. Temporary relocation of the generator under cover solved that issue. 
Tim / N6WIN 

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On Monday, June 29, 2020, 00:40, Dr. Howard S. White <drpaper at kleega.com> wrote:

A few years ago Dennis N6KI and I ran noise tests on Honda and Yamaha generators.  Concurrently there was also a similar test article in QST

The Honda was quietest but I ended up with a Yamaha converted to run on natural gas or propane or gasoline. I mostly use propane and it’s good enough for ham radio.  IIRC we looked at the less expensive Harbor Frieght offerings but they were too moisy

It’s been several years since the tests so things may have changed 

Howard S. White Ph.D. P. Eng.,  KY6LA 
Website: www.ky6la.com 
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On Jun 28, 2020, at 9:04 PM, Marty Woll <n6vi at socal.rr.com> wrote:

Hi, Larry.

The group buys have generally been for the Honda EU2000i inverter generators.  A few years ago there was in internal design change (but not a model change) that, according to some, resulted in a new source of RF noise.  Mine is an older version and does not exhibit that problem.  Last year the EU-2000i was discontinued and replaced with the EU2200i.  Any reports from this group on the new model would be appreciated.

Also note that Mike Tope W4EF designed a nice generator output RF filter using Type 31 toroid cores. 


Marty N6VI

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What generators do you guys use for Field Day ?
I seem to remember guys buying Honda’s ?
I have a contact with Generac ? But not sure if they make one that is radio friendly.
Larry K6ro 

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