[SCCC] Preferred generators ?

Bruce Horn bhorn at hornucopia.com
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I have a Honda 2000i generator that I seldom use. I originally purchased it with the idea that it would provide enough power to run basic equipment during a power failure and could be used for portable ham radio activity, such as Field Day. For me, having a gasoline-powered generator that sits in storage for long periods of time isn't a good situation. The carburetor gets gunked up, gas can't be stored for a long time, etc.

Unfortunately, Honda doesn't offer a propane version. There are propane conversion kits available, but they're all do-it-yourself.

Champion offers a 3 kW inverter-based dual-fuel generator available through Home Depot. Seems like the ideal situation to have the ease of "plugging in" a propane tank, or running on gas if no propane available - out of the box. Does anyone have any experience with these? Thanks.

73 de Bruce, WA7BNM   (bhorn at hornucopia.com)

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What generators do you guys use for Field Day ?
I seem to remember guys buying Honda’s ?
I have a contact with Generac ? But not sure if they make one that is radio friendly.
Larry K6ro 

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