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Mon Mar 30 13:01:50 EDT 2020


I would say you did very good compared to Dick (W6TK).  Dick is in a 
very quiet location, which really helps on 80m and 160m.  On 80m, his 
quarter-wave sloper work quite well getting into the Caribbean, SA, AF, 
AS, & EU.  On 40m, he has 3-elements at 56ft compared to your dipole at 
43ft.  On 20m, and above he has 4-elements compared to your 2-elements.  
Plus, Dick was operating Single-Op Assisted.  When you are 
hunting-and-pouncing between runs, it is nice to have a bandmap full of 
mults you can watch and hit the ctrl-dwn or ctrl-up to get to the next 
mult.  I'll leave out the part about Dick being a seasoned dedicated 

Congratulations on doing a well in the contest.

73, Bill

On 3/30/2020 9:08 AM, W6PH via SCCC wrote:
> Tim,
> I don't recall ever beating you.  I also used Dick (W6TK) as a benchmark for my efforts as our antennas were similar in height.  But Dick doesn't have a 14,000 foot mountain five miles west of him!
> Tim has developed a super station in the Arizona desert near Wickenberg.  I was fortunate to operate from there in the CQ 160 Contest in January.  It was amazing working 52 Europeans and 45 JA stations.  His location is so quiet that I could hear a flea pass gas in W1.
> I agree that it is great to hear K6RO back on the bands.  He hasn't lost his touch in the 10 year absence.
> 73, Kurt W6PH
> In a message dated 3/30/2020 8:45:16 AM Pacific Standard Time, sccc at contesting.com writes:
> Larry, you’re really doing well with that hardware man! Reading your references to W6TK reminds me of exactly the same... Dick was someone I always tried to be close to from my So Cal city lot too!
> I remember a contest where W6PH and I agreed to just do say 24 of 48 hours. We had a blast taking what would have been a part time effort into a full time personal competition. I recall the senior man beating me up!
> Great to see you’re back into it so much!
> 73,
> Tim / N6WIN
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> On Sunday, March 29, 2020, 19:41, Larry Shapiro <lashap at cox.net> wrote:
>                      CQWW WPX Contest, SSB - 2020
> Call: K6RO
> Operator(s): K6RO
> Station: K6RO
> Class: SOAB HP
> Class Overlay: TB-Wires
> Operating Time (hrs): 35
> Summary:
> Band  QSOs
> ------------
>    160:
>    80:  51
>    40:  322
>    20:  802
>    15:  70
>    10:  17
> ------------
> Total: 1262  Prefixes = 445  Total Score = 837,490
> Club: Southern California Contest Club
> Comments:
> Decided to do full time HP to test out what I have up now.
> Started on 15,but it died within minutes..switched to 20m ,and things were
> pretty good.Spent 2.5 hrs on 20,and had 169 q's. Switched to 40m,and spent
> 2.5
> hours there..had 318 q's at 05:17z. Went to 80..spent an hour there,and went
> back to 40.Stayed there until I went to bed at 0800z with 421 q's .
> I could tell after the first 8 hours that I need more gain on 20 and 40. 2
> elements at 40 feet on 20.and a dipole for 40m at 43 feet just doesn't cut
> it in
> contests.Just too hard to find a run frequency,or keep it after I carve one
> out.
> Got up Saturday at 1400z,and made 1 q on 80,and a few on 40 before going to
> 20m.
> Stayed on 20 until 1941z,with just a few band changes to 15m.
> I really needed 15 to be open to stateside,as 20 was just too crowded.
> I worked all the SA stations on 15..most were pretty loud,and checked 10m a
> few
> times.Then back to 20m...and continued to check 10 and 15m quite often.
> 20m was the main band,as I had some good runs there.my best was Sunday..257
> q's
> at 76 per hour..that is good for me with the antennas I have :)
> Went to bed Saturday night at 0530z with 1028 q's. Got up Sunday at
> 1208z,and
> Spent 30 minutes trying 80,then 40,before getting on 20m.
> I spent most of the contest trying to run,until I had to move..sometimes I
> only
> worked 3-5 stations before back to S and P until I found another run spot. A
> good run for me is at least 20 q's. In this contest, I had 13 pretty good
> runs
> that totaled about 700 of my 1262 q's .Sunday was difficult , as only 20m
> was
> open , and everyone was there. Sunday morning N1MM crashed 2 times..never
> happened before..the entry screen went black,and I could not exit the
> program.
> Each time I had to restart the computer..glad no data was lost. It never
> happened again, so I was happy. My voice keyer had a mind of it's own...3-4
> different issues with it..possible RF in the shack ?
> I knew I was in trouble Q Wise on Saturday,as I heard Dick W6TK was 500 q's
> ahead of me. Without Dick being on,I probably would have stopped Saturday
> night,but I wanted to compare my station with his.. I did the best I could
> with
> what I have at the moment.
> As Bill, N6RV said before this contest,this will be a worked all stated
> contest,with not much DX. Where were all the JA's ?
> Europe was weak for me,and I had no interest in any pileups.
> I really missed contesting and all my friends when I was MIA for 16 years. I
> am
> back,and am having fun again. Thanks for all the q's,73,Larry K6RO
> K3S
> KPA-1500 Amp
> Heil Pro7
> N1MM
> JK Navassa at 37 feet
> JK 40M Dipole at 43 feet.
> Long wire for 80m at 15 feet.
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