[sd-user] IARU HF Championship

Paul EI5DI Paul EI5DI" <paul@ei5di.com
Fri, 13 Jul 2001 17:33:27 +0100

The IARU HF Championship takes place this weekend, from 1200 UTC
Saturday 14 July to 1200 UTC Sunday 15 July.  There are CW-only,
SSB-Only and Mixed-Mode classes,  and you can see the rules at

Here's how to setup SD.

Select Type 3 - IARU HF
IARU LZ YU        : I
Next Page?        : Y
Mode              : CW or SSB
Mixed-Mode?       : Y or N (your choice)
Mults count on
  both modes?     : N (once per band only)
Work same station
  on both modes?  : Y

Work everyone, all bands 10 - 160m, exchange RST + ITU Zone.

Note: IARU HQ Stations will give their Society Initials instead of
Zone. Some societies have 5 characters, but SD (in common with some
other contest loggers) lets you record a maximum of 4 characters.
Don't worry, you will not lose points because of this.

Use SDCHECK, after the contest, to create your .LOG file in ARRL
Standard File Format (Cabrillo).  Edit this file if necessary, then
rename it to YOURCALL.LOG where YOURCALL is the call you used during
the contest.

Send your file as an email attachment to IARUHF@iaru.org by 14 August.

SD operational note.

Be careful if you have Log On Enter enabled.  You can check this with
the STATUS command and toggle it On/Off with the LOGONENTER command.

When LOGONENTER is enabled, SD will enter the default zone for the
callsign entered and log the QSO immediately.  For USA calls, the
default zone will often be incorrect.  If you leave the callsign field
with Space Bar rather than Enter, you will have the option to change
the zone before the QSO is logged.

If you're in any doubt, set LOGONENTER to Off.  This way, you'll
always be taken to the Zone field when you press Enter after typing
the callsign.  Just a reminder that Enter is the recommended key to
terminate data entry in all fields - unless you've good reason to use

Hope to work you all from EI0R - IRTS HQ Stn.

Paul EI5DI

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