[SD-User] REF Contest - SSB

Paul O'Kane paul@ei5di.com
Sat, 23 Feb 2002 09:30:47 -0000

The REF contest takes place this weekend from 0600 UTC Saturday
23rd February to 1800 UTC Sunday 24th February.

There are two sections.

1. French, including Mainland France, Corsica, and French
Overseas Territories.

2. DX - all other countries

French stations send RST + département number or country
prefix (overseas).  DX stations send RST + Serial. French
stations can work everyone, and get multipliers for
départements and other DXCC countries.  DX stations
can work "French" stations only, and get multipliers
for départements and certain country prefixes.

Select SD Type 10 - General, Country and Area Multipliers.

          .MLT File:  REF
          .CTY File:  REF   (for French entrants)
                      REFDX (for DX entrants)
  Multipliers Count:  B (by band)
     Points per QSO:  0 (variable points)
          Pts/Bonus:  0 (multipliers)
    Single/Multi-Op:  S or M
          Next Page:  Y
Points per Area QSO:  6 (French entrants)
                      0 (DX entrants)
Points vary by Mode:  N
            by Band:  N
        by Location:  Y
             Points:  0,1,2 (French entrants)
                      0,1,3 (DX entrants)
Receive Serial from
          Area QSOs:  N
               Mode:  SSB
         Mixed-Mode:  N

NOTE for DX entrants.  Scoring is by continent, but SD does
not know what continent you're in, because your prefix and
country are not included in the REFDX file.

So, please add your own country record, from DXCC.CTY, to
REFDX.CTY.  If you do not do this, SD will not score correctly,
and you will have to edit many QSO records after the contest.

For DX entrants (having selected REFDX.CTY), it's easy to
identify which stations you can work.  If SD displays the
country name and beam heading, once you've entered two or
more callsign characters, then it's OK to go ahead. You can
log other stations, but they will not score points or be
flagged as multipliers.

After the Contest, use SDCHECK to create your .LOG and
.SUM files.  Complete the .SUM file with any editor,
rename the files to YOURCALL.LOG and YOURCALL.SUM and
email them to concours@ref-union.org

Paul EI5DI