[SD-User] WAE: QTC handling in SD V9.89

A.Polinsky@alcatel.de A.Polinsky@alcatel.de
Wed, 5 Jun 2002 08:28:04 +0200

Hello Paul, Hello mailing list,

Thanks for the introduction of the WAE QTC recording into SD.

SD - QTCs in WAE (DARC - Worked All Europe).
    Reception and logging of QTCs by EU stations is
    supported. The QTC command brings up a window for
    recording QTCs.  They can be edited before being
    logged to NAME.QTC where NAME is the name of your
    .ALL contest log.

That was what I missed since long time ago, and puts me in the situation to
forget an other well known contest logger for all single operator
activities! Because the other one "Eats up" some QTC's every year... ;-)

Only two small adaptions are missing to fulfill the requirements of the WAE
Contest Committee:

   Every received QTC-Series needs to be flagged by band information (where
   each series has been received), and the time of receiving the series.
   This becomes difficult to reproduce it, if you contact a DX station
   several times to complete the maximum of 10 QTC during the contest. Can
   you include the actual band and time when ever you recording a
   QTC-Serial identifier (i.e. 103/7) by program? That will be a real
   differentiation to the contest logger mentioned above!
   Can you modify the WAE.CTY in a way, that call areas of BRAZIL are
   handled as separate multipliers too, since the new rules of WAE
   indicating the call sing areas of W, VE, VK, ZL, ZS, JA, PY and UA8/9/0
   as separate multipliers? (As it was until several years ago)

Just for information of the mailing list members
 WAE rules are modified in several items, the most important are:

   that SINGLE OP stations have NOT to OBSERVE the 10-minutes-QSY-rule
   the introduction of the class SINGLE OP/ LOW POWER (max. 100 W).

The complete list of rule changes can you find under

See you (or listening to your performance by recording QTC's) in the WAE
2002 CW!

73, Arno - DL1CW