[SD-User] SD Beru setup?

Paul O'Kane paul@ei5di.com
Wed, 6 Mar 2002 23:34:31 -0000

Alex Allan asked

> has EI5DI by any chance posted the
> setup for using SD in BERU?

BERU is different from most other contests.  That's why I
developed SDC - the only contest logger to support and score BERU
correctly.  SD cannot be configured to support this contest.

If you don't already have SDC, you can download it from
http://www.ei5di.com/sd/sdc986.zip. You have to be registered to
log more than 30 QSOs.

There is no specific setup for SDC - just run it!  The A command
(AUTOCW) may be handy if you use the keyboard for CW.  Enter, with
no callsign, calls CQ (F1 message).  Enter, with callsign, sends
exchange (F2).  Enter, with serial and HQ recorded, sends TU etc
(F3).  If it's not an HQ station, hit Enter twice (after Serial)
to log the QSO and start the keyer.  If
you've changed the callsign before logging the QSO, the corrected
call will be added.  With AUTOCW enabled, L (Log on Enter) should
be OFF. If you use any Function key, other than F1, to send CW,
AUTOCW will be toggled OFF.  "A" will restore it.

Please refer to the release notes for V9.78 for more information
about Auto CW - you'll find these on the website or in HISTORY.DOC
(included with the SD distribution files).

You can program the keyer messages with Shift_F1, F2 etc.  F2
should be #C #T #S#E. That's callsign, space, RST, space, Serial,
Enter (simulated).

The CWZERO command lets you choose options for the Serial.  I'd
recommend a Padding Factor of at least 2 (extra spacing between

After the contest, use SDCHECK to create your .LOG and .SUM files.
Edit your .SUM file as necessary with a text editor (e.g.
Notepad), rename them to YOURCALL.LOG and YOURCALL.SUM and send
them as attachments to hf.contests@rsgb.org.uk by 8th April.

Paul EI5DI