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Ronald Bouthillier w1vet@arrl.net
Sat, 4 May 2002 07:41:43 -0400

I have one county that is the same KEN there is one iin RI that I am in and
one in Kennebec ME. It sees the one in ME but not RI I think the RI one is

I am in RI and need to be able to add states how is this done?



This year, the New England States have combined for the first ever
running of the New England QSO Party.

SD supports this contest - it takes place from 2000Z Saturday 5th
May to 0300Z Sunday 5th May, and 1100Z to 2400Z Sunday 5th May
(two periods).

Single operator high power, low power and QRP categories, plus
multi-operator, single transmitter.  Same four categories for
mobiles. Single operator stations using assistance during the
contest (packet or Internet spotting nets, etc.) will compete in
the multi-single

Contest Exchange:
Send signal report and DX. Receive RST, county and state from New
England stations.
NOTE: No need to log the state - the 3-character county
abbreviations in NEQP.MLT are unique
and determine the state.

Valid Contact:
Work New England stations once per band/mode.
CW contacts must not be made in the phone band segments.
Mobiles can be worked again in new counties.

County line QSOs should be logged as two separate QSOs.
Crossmode, crossband and repeater QSOs are not permitted.

QSO Points:
One point per phone QSO, two points per CW QSO.

Counties - a total of 67 CT/8 MA/14 ME/16 NH/10 RI/5 VT/14).

Total score is QSO points times the multiplier.

Suggested frequencies:
CW - 3540 7040 14040 21040 28040
Novice/Tech - 3705 7130 21130 28130
SSB - 3880 7280 14280 21380 28380
VHF - 50.150 144.205 146.55 223.5 432.150 446.0

Logs should indicate times in UTC, bands, modes, calls and
Multipliers should be clearly marked in the log.

Entries must be submitted within 30 days via e-mail to
logs@neqp.org (Cabrillo format preferred - and supplied by

Send a large SASE for a printed copy of the results.

Certificates will be awarded to the top scorers (25 QSO minimum)
in each DXCC country.

More information:
The New England QSO Party web site is at http://www.neqp.org.
Check there for information on planned fixed station and mobile
activity from New England counties, contest software information,
county abbreviations, plaques to be awarded, and information on
New England state
county awards.

NEQP results will be posted on the web site when they are
complete. Questions can be addressed to info@neqp.org.

Setup information for SD Users.

Note: SD V9.88 has been updated so that /M stations are not
dupe-checked and you can log them in more than one county.
Unfortunately, many of the New England mobiles will not sign /M.
Therefore, you should enter the county code as part of the
callsign. For example W1AW/NHV     or W1AW/WIN.

NOTE:  This is the first year of the contest, and SD uses a new
set of three-letter county codes which identify both county and
state (there are several duplicate county names within the New
England states). Some New England contesters may not be familiar
with the new codes, so please print NEQP.MLT for reference.

SD Type 4 - General, Area Multipliers.
Multipliers Count   : B (by band)
Points:  CW QSOs    : 2
        SSB QSOs    : 1
Pts/Bonus           : 0 (Multipliers)
Name of .MLT file   : NEQP
Next Page?          : Y
Receive Serials?    : N
Mode                : CW or SSB
Mixed-Mode?         : Y or N (your choice)
If mixed
 Mults count
   on both modes?   : N
 Work same station
   on both modes?   : Y

Use SDCHECK, after the contest, to prepare your .LOG file in
Cabrillo format.

Paul EI5DI

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