[SD-User] ADIF uploads to eQSL ?

Dave Sergeant dsergeant at connectfree.co.uk
Thu Apr 24 11:04:50 EDT 2003

On 23 Apr 2003 at 16:25, Paul Howland wrote:

> No Problems between SD and "Logger" with ADIF here. Also no problem
> with eQSL except for my own call being in Log. (This problem is
> certainly at the eqsl end but it is no problem to delete this entry. )

I have uploaded ADIF logs to eQSL, both direct from SD and via XMLog, 
with no problems whatsoever apart from the occasional spurious QSO 
with myself (and that seems to have stopped these days). I have about 
3000 QSOs uploaded now. I don't normally check my 'outbox' after 
uploading, but judging from the eQSLs I receive the logs are most 
definitely there.

I suspect there is no problem with the SD ADIF output (it certainly 
looks correct) and the problems are with his use of the eQSL system 
(perhaps not being patient enough for it to finish its post upload 
processing?). It may be more appropriate to discuss this issue on the 
eQSL reflector (OnLineQSL at yahoogroups.com).

Note that numerous checks are done by eQSL as it processes the 
upload. If there were errors in the ADIF format they would no doubt 
be flagged (it doesn't like QSOs on 136kHz for instance!). It only 
uses the basic QSO information fields (date, time, frequency, call, 
mode, rst) and other fields are ignored.

73 Dave G3YMC

dsergeant at connectfree.co.uk

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