[SD-User] Log conversion

Richard W L Limebear Richard at g3rwl.demon.co.uk
Sat Apr 26 12:21:16 EDT 2003


> > Just back from two weeks as 8P6DR and I want to convert
> > 2035 QSO's from the electronic log to a plain text format
> > (not the CSV format that SDXCHECK puts out).

Thanks for all the comments. Most people said to use EXCEL (although EI5DI
reckons ACCESS would be even better). Unfortunately I'm only slightly familiar
with these programs so I didn't use them. I do my main logging with paper
rather than software [so I have just finished writing 81 *pages* of logs :( ]

A search on the internet produced <www.qsl.net/ka5wss/logconv> which I found
to do exactly what I wanted; it produced logs in ARRL format from ADIF input
but the "Notes" field was lost. Paul said:

> The reason no conventional print is offered in SDXCHECK is
> that everyone has a diferent idea of what it should look
> like, and how many lines/QSOs there should be on each page.

This wasn't a problem because I used a WP to move or delete columns of the log
- I just wanted *any* plain text output. Pity about losing the comments though
(but there weren't many).

I hope this helps someone and, Paul, I would recommend a link to the KA5WSS
site on the SD web pages.

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