[SD-User] CW Sending

Paul O'Kane paul at ei5di.com
Mon Aug 4 14:04:46 EDT 2003

Thanks for the comments about keying in SD/WIN.

I've been using it here on Windows 98 and Windows
XP Professional and it sounds good to me on both
PCs.  However, I may just have been fortunate in
this respect, and all that matters is how CW sounds
on your PC - and that depends on your PC's

One thing that's worth trying with SD/DOS is to
re-start in "MS-DOS Mode" (not possible with XP)
and test the keyer. I'd expect it to sound good,
because DOS runs one program at a time and nothing
else can influence the timing.  If, then, it
doesn't sound good when Windows is running, it's
because Windows is multitasking and taking time
for other "background" jobs.  This is something
I can't control from SD/DOS or SD/WIN.

SD/DOS and SD/WIN use the same methods for timing
and generating CW - I've not changed this for many

If SD/DOS runs on your PC, I'd recommend you stick
with it rather than SD/WIN.  Also, run your PC in
MS-DOS mode, if necessary, to ensure smooth CW.

If you're experiencing CW timing problems, SD/WIN
offers the option of support for WinKey, an external
keyer.  WinKey does away with all timing problems
due to multitasking in Windows.  It operates, and
is powered from, a serial port (or from some USB to
serial port converters).  It accepts text strings
from SD/WIN which it converts to the corresponding
CW characters and it has its own speed control pot.
(Note: Callsign type-ahead is not yet supported)
You can instantly interrupt it with your paddle,
and it can be used as a freestanding keyer when
your PC is switched off - I power mine from the
accessory socket on my rig.

More information about WinKey is available from

I have no financial interest in WinKey.

Paul EI5DI

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