[SD-User] RSGB 1.8 MHz Contest8

Paul O'Kane paul at ei5di.com
Thu Feb 6 21:00:57 EST 2003

The RSGB 1.8 MHz contest takes place at the weekend.  The
preferred log format is Cabrillo and there will be a new
release of SD/SDCHECK before then to provide Cabrillo logs
for all RSGB contests.  The new version of SD will let you
enter received serial and district code as a single field.

Date      : 8/9 February 2003
Time UTC  : 2100-0100
Frequency : 1820-1870 KHz
Mode      : CW

Here's how to configure SD for UK entrants.

Select SD Type 10, General - Country & Area Multipliers
.MLT File            RSGB
.CTY File            RSGB
Multipliers Count    O (once only)
Points/QSO           3
Pts/Bonus            5
Receive Serials      Y
Mode                 CW
Mixed Mode?          N

Send RST + Serial + District Code
Receive RST + Serial + District Code (UK only)

Work everyone.  There are other contests taking place
at the same time, so some non-UK stations may send
additional data - but there's no need to log it.


Here's how to configure SD for DX (non-UK)
entrants. Note:  The latest version of SD is fully
operational in this contest for DX entrants.  You
don't need to be registered to use it.

Select SD Type 4, General - Area Multipliers.
Multipliers Count    O (once only)
Points/CW QSO        3
Points/SSB QSO       0
Pts/Bonus            5
.MLT File            RSGB
Mode                 CW
Mixed-mode?          N

Work UK only.
Send RST + Serial
Receive RST + Serial + District Code

After the Contest, use SDCHECK V9.98 (to be released by
8th February) to create your .LOG (Cabrillo) file.  Please
note that earlier versions of SDCHECK cannot generate a
correctly formatted file.  If necessary, you can edit the
header records with any text editor.  Rename your log to
YOURCALL.LOG and send it, as an attached file, to
1st160.logs at rsgbhfcc.org

Paul EI5DI

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