[SD-User] V9.98 Released

Dave Sergeant dsergeant at connectfree.co.uk
Sat Feb 8 10:13:33 EST 2003

On 7 Feb 2003 at 21:49, Paul O'Kane wrote:

> This is the only log format now supported by
>     SDCHECK, to include all RSGB HF contests with
>     the exception of the Club Calls Contest.
>     If you think you might need the old formats
>     (RSGB or ARRL) for any reason, keep an earlier
>     copy of SDCHECK.

Although I appreciate that the SD.LOG format will no longer be used 
for RSGB contests, I am concerned that provision for a non Cabrillo 
output is being dropped for other contests. Many of the smaller 
contests will not be using Cabrillo for the submittal format. SD.ALL 
is not ideal for these, but is better than none. I assume that the 
.TXT output is being maintained, but this is not necessarily suitable 
for direct submittal of logs - the .PRT output could equally be used 
though may not cover all circumstances.

I am particularly concerned about the suggestion that we keep a copy 
of the old versions of SD/SDCHECK to handle these cases, we should 
ideally always be using the latest versions.

On a more general theme, I mentioned to Paul a few weeks ago the 
possibility of a new version of SD to cater for some generic contests 
which currently cannot be handled by SD. One such is the Yeovil Fun 
Run, sponsored by G-QRP (March 10-13). In this contest the exchange 
is power and name, together with a serial number starting at a number 
of your choosing greater than 100. In type 11 free format text 
including serial number is limited to about 12 characters, not enough 
for some long names. And SD makes no provision to start at a serial 
number of other than 001 and throws up nasty error messages if you 
try to fool it.  Clearly Paul's program cannot cope with every single 
contest but a new 'type 11' format which allowed a rather greater 
amount of free format text (with or without a serial number) and 
ability to select your starting serial number would cater for most.

Incidentally I looked at some of the contest programs available for 
the US QRP and Sprint contests - none of these seem to even have the 
provision of a serial number!

As it happens the Fun Run is a pretty small contest (around 20 QSOs 
per session) so it is no real problem doing it manually, but it would 
be nice to use software.

73 Dave G3YMC

dsergeant at iee.org
dsergeant at btinternet.com

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