[SD-User] Lost USA States

Dave Sergeant dsergeant at connectfree.co.uk
Mon Feb 17 16:17:28 EST 2003

On 17 Feb 2003 at 12:14, John Snell wrote:

> Just had a go at the ARRL DX CW contest and cannot seem to get the
> ADIF file I created later to show the USA State info.

Yes, I noticed this also when I imported the log into XMLOG, but am 
not sure whether the states information is in the XDIF spec. But my 
Cabrillo log has been accepted by the ARRL robot which is all that 

A few other comments:

The two VY1 stations were sending PEI as their province, as was also 
the case in ARRL 10m. SD only accepts PE, and truncates PEI to PE if 
you try and edit it in.

The 'States Wanted' window appears to be enabled from the first 
letters of callsigns - ie if you type in WA1XXX it shows you what 
bands you want Washington on (in my case all bands!).

But apart from that, SD did its job, thankyou Paul. It remains one of 
the few DOS logging programs these days, most of them have gone to 
Windows versions. My old Toshiba laptop works fine with it, I hope 
you will continue to keep it DOS.

73 Dave G3YMC

dsergeant at iee.org
dsergeant at btinternet.com

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