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OZ4RT, J Arnvig oz4rt at tdcadsl.dk
Sun May 4 23:38:20 EDT 2003

Hello Paul,

I have tried to run the new program just to see what it looks like, and I have a
few comments (in random order):

1. When I start the program with the contest name as a parameter to the exe
file, the first character is ignored. When I insert an extra character, it
works. For example, "awpxcw03" as the parameter starts the program with the
contest file "wpxcw03".

2. The program does not close when I click on the X in the upper right corner
(after having typed end), and there are no quit or exit possibilities. I close
it with Alt+F4.

3. I chose the 11x18 font to get a suitable window and font size, but the next
time I started the program it was back to "Auto".

4. In the small window (upper right) that shows contacts with a particular
station, the QSO number is repeated in the RST column.

I haven't done any further testing, and I don't use the keying facilities. The
computer is using Windows 98 SE.

I notice that I can now log 11991 QSOs instead of the previous 5113 - I'll check
that out in the next contest.

Regarding the name, I think that you should keep the original names. There can't
be many people around the world that runs pure DOS these days, and they are well
helped with an SD-DOS - even if you stop maintaining it soon.

That's all for now.

73 ... John, OZ4RT

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| I'm developing a version of SD for Windows, and it's at the
| stage where many of the features you're familiar with, in
| the DOS version, are working.  When I say it's a Windows
| program, I mean that it will run on any Windows platform.
| However, it runs as a Windows "console" application, it's
| character-based and it looks like a DOS program.
| For the moment I'm calling it SD-Win.  Its files are 100%
| compatible with SD, so it makes no difference whether you
| reload a particular contest log in SD or SD-Win.
| SD-Win's look and feel is, as far as possible, exactly the
| same as that of SD in the DOS environment.  The main
| difference, for Windows users, is that you don't have to do
| any memory configuration for the program to run.  This means
| that SD-Win is likely to run on all Windows PCs, whereas SD
| would not run in the absence of expanded memory support or
| if there was a corresponding hardware issue (as on many
| laptops).
| Nevertheless, because Windows is not the same as DOS, there
| are some other differences.  In particular, for CW users,
| it's difficult to guarantee precise timing in Windows, simply
| because Windows is not a dedicated real-time operating system.
| At present, the only CW option supported is WinKey - developed
| by K1EL and G3WGV.  WinKey is an external keyer - see
| http://k1el.tripod.com/wkinfo.html.  It takes standard text
| characters from the PC's serial port, sent by SD-Win, and
| converts them to CW.  USB to serial converters can be used,
| but I've not tested them yet.
| Winkey has paddle support, and you can interrupt the keyer
| by touching a paddle.  It has a rotary speed control, and
| you can adjust speed while CW is being sent.  WinKey takes
| its power from the serial port.  When not connected to the
| computer, it can be used a standard keyer (with no stored
| memories) when power is provided from a battery or your
| rig's accessory socket.  I have no commercial interest in
| WinKey, I'm using it because it does what it claims to do,
| which is remove any CW timing uncertainties due to Windows.
| It's also supported by at least one other contest logger.
| You can download the beta version of SD-Win.EXE (205 kb)
| from http://www.ei5di.com/sd/sd-win.zip. I know that it runs
| in Windows 98, 2000 and XP.  When you've downloaded and
| unzipped it, move it to the same directory or folder as
| SD and use Windows Explorer to create a shortcut to SD-Win.
| The quick way to start Windows Explorer is to press either
| Windows Key (beside the Alt keys) and E together.  Locate
| sd-win.exe and right-click it. Select "Create Shortcut" and
| drag the resultant file to your desktop.  Double click the
| shortcut file to start SD-Win.
| SD-Win is intended to be run in a normal Window, and not
| in full-screen mode. Please let me know (to this mailing
| list) what you think of it and any recommendations you may
| have.
| I'd also like to hear what you think the new program
| should be called, bearing in mind that I'll soon have new
| Windows versions of all the other programs, SDC, SDI, SDL,
| SDR, SDU and SDV - and I don't want to dilute SD's "brand
| image".  Should it be SD-Win or Win-SD, or should I keep
| the original names (SD etc.) for the Windows versions and
| rename the DOS versions as SD-DOS etc?
| For as long as necessary, or as appropriate, I will
| continue to support and enhance the DOS programs.
| 73,
| Paul EI5DI
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