[SD-User] SD for Windows

Paul O'Kane paul at ei5di.com
Mon May 5 20:23:07 EDT 2003

Thanks to everyone who tried SD-Win.  Here are some of
the comments.

Denis EI6HB,

> It will not accept a response from the ENTER KEY on
> the right hand side of the keyboard (where the figures
> are)


> it would not go beyond "Receive serial from Italian (Area)
QSOs?  : N" when I tried to set up for the ARI Test.


John OZ4RT,

> 1. When I start the program with the contest name as a
> parameter to the exe file, the first character is 
> ignored.


> 2. The program does not close when I click on the X in the
> upper right corner (after having typed end), 

It probably does with some versions of Windows.  In any
case, the window should close when you press another key.
If not, please let me know.

> 3. I chose the 11x18 font to get a suitable window and
> font size, but the next time I started the program it
> was back to "Auto".

I think this is a Windows issue.  At present, I don't have
a way, within the program, of forcing a particular font
as startup.

> 4. In the small window (upper right) that shows contacts
> with a particular station, the QSO number is repeated in
> the RST column.


> I notice that I can now log 11991 QSOs instead of the
> previous 5113 - I'll check that out in the next contest.

With DOS, the maximum number of QSOs depended on available
lower memory (below 640 kb).  With Windows, there is
effectively unlimited memory.  However, I've set the
maximum number of QSOs at 12000.  You can also load up to
10000 records from any .LST file.


> My cursor is flashing at random, probably between 5 to 10 
> flashes per second.

I check the contents of the callsign field every few
milliseconds to see if there has been a change and to
release some time for any other programs which may be
running.  This seems to cause the flashing cursor, and it's
more  noticeable on some versions of Windows and/or PCs.
I hope to have a fix before too long, perhaps with a user-
selectable parameter for the sampling times.

Thanks again for all the comments and suggestions.  You can
download an updated sd-win from 
http://www.ei5di.com/sd/sd-win.zip (205,473 bytes)

Paul EI5DI

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