[SD-User] Perth Multiplier on sdv 10.01????

Paul O'Kane paul at ei5di.com
Mon May 19 21:07:33 EDT 2003

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From: "Andy Sharman" <andysharman at eurobell.co.uk>

> I am wondering if anybody else has the same problem with the
> multiplier on sdv 10.01.

This time there's a simple explanation.  The RSGB.MLV
file (incorrectly) shows only one multiplier for Perth.
This should be edited to show three  (PH=3=Perth).

You can correct and re-score your log by reloading it (with
SDV) and editing the second and third QSOs with Perth to
any other district code - complete the edits with Enter in
each case.  Then edit the QSOs again to the correct codes
and they will be flagged as multipliers.

Paul EI5DI

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