[SD-User] Perth Multiplier on sdv 10.01????

Peter Bowyer peter at unica.co.uk
Fri May 30 09:17:34 EDT 2003

Not sure if I'm too late on this, but PE is Peterborough, not Perth. Perth
is PH.

Peter G4MJS

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From: "Andy Sharman" <andysharman at eurobell.co.uk>
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Sent: Monday, May 19, 2003 10:37 AM
Subject: [SD-User] Perth Multiplier on sdv 10.01????

> Hi there.
> I am wondering if anybody else has the same problem with the Perth
> multiplier on sdv 10.01.
> I used the software over the past contest and when I logged a Perth
> the multiplier went grey, I was under the impression that Perth would be
> able to be counted 3 times as a multiplier and should of only changed from
> PE to Pe to show it as been counted but there are more to get.
> Andy Sharman
> andysharman at eurobell.co.uk
> g0uws at tars.org.uk
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