[SD-User] Voice Keyer In New Sd Log

Fred Fenwick g0aoj at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 7 12:01:51 EDT 2005

Hello All

I have downloaded your new version of Sd log with the voice keyer. When I 
set the program up to COM 1 where there is an interface that is used for 
data modes Audio Frequency Shift keyed for PSK31 and RTTY it locks the radio 
on transmit, the file plays ok but the rig remains locked in the tx mode.
The radio is a Kenwood TS870 so wonder if you have any idea why, do I need 
to change something in the configuration file for example I have come across 
a similar thing with Internet voice software and there was a box to tick 
that said "invert voltage" and that cured the problem.

Regards.... Mr. Fred Fenwick.            G0AOJ            g0aoj at hotmail.com

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