[SD-User] SDI problems

Ole S. Andersen oz4o at osa.dk
Mon Aug 1 10:13:01 EDT 2005

I have the exact same observations and problems here.
Duplication of  edited QSO's, and the next QSO number
missing. After the test SDI would not load the full log, and
when I checked the log, I found the above. 
I still need to look through the log in full and fill in the
missing QSO's.


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> Unfortunately I have to report that SDI 11.33 went quite seriously 
> wrong on me in the IOTA contest, and I don't know why. I'm not a 
> "serious" entrant, so it's not a major problem, but I thought I should 
> report it.
> All was OK on Saturday; logged my QSOs, took my backups and shut down 
> for the night.
> When I fired up SDI on Sunday, it complained that the IOTA05.ALL file 
> had been edited (which it hadn't) and that QSOs were out of order. 
> Worse than that, there were QSOs missing, and even the current serial 
> number was wrong. I poked around and spotted a file called IOTA05%ALL 
> (i.e. percent instead of dot) and found that this contained the 
> missing QSOs!  I put the .ALL file back together by hand and got a log 
> that SDI was happy with, and carried on.
> After the contest all seemed superficially well, but on printing the 
> log I noticed that my serial 030 was duplicated and 031 was missing. 
> Then I remembered that I had had to correct the callsign of 030 from 
> within SDI, and it appeared that what had happened was that the 
> updated data for 030 had overwritten 031. There was another QSO 
> missing which I couldn't explain.
> Fortunately I had turned on auditing, and all of the "lost" 
> information was in that file. I think the situation would have been 
> unrecoverable without that. Personally I think that AUDIT should be on 
> by default.
> Any ideas on why it went wrong on me?
> BTW, as with SD on earlier occasions, rig control was picking up the 
> frequency correctly but not tracking band changes.
> -- 
> Martyn M1MAJ
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