[SD-User] SDI problems

Ivan Wilson ivanewilson at onetel.net
Mon Aug 1 11:39:15 EDT 2005

I had similar problems to Martyn on the Sunday morning - and SDI wouldn't
reload my file as it said it had been edited by another program (though I
had only edited some callsigns etc (in SDI) as I went along).  Finished up
re-entering over 100 contacts in a new file which eventually allowed me to
continue (and got the last hour and a half for the full 12 hours), but when
it came to editing the time of those QSOs at the end of the contest, I
couldn't save the changes using option 2 of SDICheck. (How does one do

Also noted the duplication of edited QSOs and next number missing which
caused a bit of head scratching!

So finished up doing all the edits in Wordpad and then when I tried to
re-run SDICheck yet again to produce a Cabrillo file, it said that it wasn't
an SDI file!

Fortunately I was able to edit the incorrect times of the original Cabrillo
file in Wordpad (and add any missing QSOs) so hopefully, all is well to
forward to RSGB.

Glad I wasn't putting in a serious entry -200plus was more than enough
to sort out :-)
Got through loads of cups of tea Sunday evening plus a few sheets of

Regards - Ivan G4BGW

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