[SD-User] SDI - Island Ref Format in ADIF

cq cq at philcatterall.plus.com
Tue Aug 2 07:31:21 EDT 2005

Hi Paul 

In SDI the method of recording IOTA refs is (e.g.) EU005 

If the log is then converted to ADIF spec via SDICHECK for import into a logging program the format is then no in compliance with the ADIF spec. The correct IOTA ADIF format is 5 character which must include the hyphen (e.g.) EU-005. 

I have edited my imported refs. now in my Logging program and they are recognised. Without the hyphen in my case (Logger32) the entered reference does not get recognised by the program. 

Would it be possible to include the hyphen with the reference when the log is converted to ADIF spec in future versions? This would be better than having to type the hyphen in during contest exchanges......

I didn't experience the problems others had in my version of SDI 11.33 at the weekend. I did reboot twice as SDI lost comms with my rig, no problems there. I did not however switch of the PC when I went for a rest in the night. I also edited a number of QSOs on the fly without any problems. Strange - no numbers missing from the log and no duplicated QSOs shown. 

73 Phil 

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