[SD-User] SDI - Island Ref Format in ADIF

Martyn Johnson Martyn.Johnson at cl.cam.ac.uk
Tue Aug 2 07:42:25 EDT 2005

> If the log is then converted to ADIF spec via SDICHECK for import into a logging program the format is then no in compliance with the ADIF spec. The correct IOTA ADIF format is 5 character which must include the hyphen (e.g.) EU-005. 

It's more complicated than that.  

SDICHECK actually seems to put IOTA in the record twice, both with and without a hyphen. Here is an example from my log:

<Call:4>YM0T         <Mode:3>SSB  <Band:3>20M  <Freq:6>14.300 <RST_Sent:2>59  <RST_Rcvd:2>59
<QSO_Date:8>20050730 <Time_On:4>1737 <SRX:3>315  <IOTA:5>AS159  <IOTA:6>AS-159 <STX:3>015  

It will depend on the interpreting program which one of these wins!

Martyn M1MAJ

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