[SD-User] King Of Spain CW Contest

Paul O'Kane verix at ei5di.com
Mon May 16 10:02:06 EDT 2005

SD directly supports the King Of Spain contest which takes 
place from 1800 GMT on Saturday 21st May to 1759 GMT on 
Sunday 22nd May.

Rules at http://www.ure.es/hf/concursos/smelrey/basessmreyingles.pdf.

This year, the contest has changed - you can now work 
everyone, not just Spanish stations.  Multipliers are DXCC 
countries and Spanish provinces.  There are single-band and
all-band classes.

SD is freeware from www.ei5di.com, and it runs on any 
Windows PC.

Select SD Type 10 - General, Country and Area Multipliers

.MLT File            : Spain
.CTY File            : DXCC
Multipliers Count    : B (by band)
Points per QSO       : 1 (SD assigns correct points for each
                          QSO according to the new rules)
Pts/Bonus            : 0 (multipliers)
Receive Serial from
   Area QSOs (EA)    : Y
Mode                 : CW
Mixed Mode           : N

Work everyone, on CW only, on the 6 bands from 80m to 10m:
Send    5NN + Serial
Receive 5NN + Serial (No serial, but 1 or 2-character 
                      province code from Spanish stations)

After the contest, use SDCHECK Option 1 to ceate your .LOG
file in Cabrillo format.  Rename it to YOURCALL.LOG, and 
email it, as an attached file to concursoshf at ure.es

Paul EI5DI

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