[SD-User] Direct frequency entry and CQ repeat with SD

Sverre Holm svholm3 at broadpark.no
Mon Sep 18 17:41:13 EDT 2006

>> 1. I was not able to get the direct frequency entry to work,
> If necessary, delete SD.INI, then run SD (and the PORTS command) again.  

I still cannot get it to work, but at least now the rig jumps to the correct
frequency, and even switches bands, from Quick Memory entries, so my
LINKTIME or POLLTIME may have been too short. 

Other factors that could come into play are the Elecraft rig as interfaced
with the Kenwood setup, or my Norwegian keyboard, or the fact that I am
running from a laptop. The laptop has a keyboard mapping that makes
CapsLock-F5 work properly for sending a CW message, but Alt-F5 only blinks
the screen - maybe this hints at something.

>> 2. I could not get the repeat function for CQ to insert
>> the specified pause,
> There is a bug in the REPEAT function when used with WinKey.  

OK, that explains it. The problem is still there as at 18-20 WPM the F1
message takes 9-10 seconds, so there is not much more time left for the
pause. I trust this will be resolved with time.



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