[SD-User] Direct frequency entry and CQ repeat with SD

R W L Limebear Richard at g3rwl.demon.co.uk
Sat Sep 23 09:00:56 EDT 2006

Paul O'Kane wrote:

> I need to determine if this is a bug in SD, or a parameter
> "clash" of some sort.
> I understand the K2 uses the Kenwood comms standards.
> Question 1 - can anyone confirm that rig control works
>              with any Kenwood rig - to include direct
>              frequency entry/QSY to another band?
> Question 2 - same as 1, except substitute K2 for Kenwood.

Answer to Q2 is that entering a frequency in SD does NOT move the K2 freq
although SD *IS* reading the frequency from the K2.  I don't use QM.

Settings: the .SD file is a renamed copy of Paul's Kenwood file dated 15
Aug 1997. My .INI file holds POLLTIME=1000 LINKTIME=250.

If it helps ... my "programmers reference" says if an external program
sends "FA00014060000" the K2 will change to 14060.0 (FA=VFO A, FB=VFO B, 
FR=Receive VFO selection, FT=Transmit VFO selection).

Richard G3RWL 8P6DR

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