[SD-User] Direct frequency entry and CQ repeat with SD

Richard at g3rwl.demon.co.uk Richard at g3rwl.demon.co.uk
Sat Sep 23 12:08:53 EDT 2006

I wrote:
> Answer to Q2 is that entering a frequency in SD does NOT move the K2 freq
> although SD *IS* reading the frequency from the K2.  I don't use QM.
> Settings: the .SD file is a renamed copy of Paul's Kenwood file dated 15
> Aug 1997. My .INI file holds POLLTIME=1000 LINKTIME=250.

Since G3YMC uses the same driver file but a different version of Windoze, and everything works fine, I should point out that I use Win XP with a USB serial port.

Richard G3RWL 8P6DR

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