[SD-User] Parallel port keying - Windows ME

Nick G4IRX nick.sduser at nowindows.net
Fri Jul 20 09:57:01 EDT 2007


SD runs happily on my old laptop, a 200MHz IBM Thinkpad 770.

I spent a bit of time trying to get the parallel port keying working
under Windows ME with absolutely no joy. CAT control via the serial port
was working OK with my IC-7400 and IC-703 though. After trawling though
the list archives, I looked at the inpout32.dll page at Logix4u.net and
noticed it mentions every version of Windows with the exception of ME! 

So I decided to give up with WinME and installed Win 98 SE. It now works
perfectly! I guess is one of the features of WinME where they have
removed most of the MSDOS support.

However, I hope this is an interim solution as I'm currently awaiting
the arrival of a Winkey kit!

Nick G4IRX
Nick B.

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