[SD-User] where does SDCheck put the Cabrillo .LOG file

Dave Sergeant dave at davesergeant.com
Tue Nov 17 23:17:05 PST 2009

On 17 Nov 2009 at 22:23, Blakeslee, George wrote:

> When I use SDCheck to create a Cabrillo .LOG file I can not locate where
> it is being saved.
> I am using Windows Vista running on a MacBook under Boot Camp.
> I installed SD in the C:\Program Files folder.
> The programs seem to work just fine.
> I just can not locate where the SDCheck export places the text files. As
> best I can tell, there is no save dialog that I can open to control this
> process.
> Can anyone tell me where the .LOG file is put?
> Many thanks and 73s
> George     N1GB

You should find it in the SD installation folder along with all its 
other files. eg C:\Program Files\SD

SD has never put anything anywhere else as far as I know, though Boot 
Camp may do things differently.

73 Dave G3YMC


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