[SD-User] CQWW Contest - CW

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Thu Nov 24 15:59:59 PST 2011

I've updated CQWW.CTY, and SD's other country multiplier files,
from CTY.DAT - the reference file supplied by AD1C.

You can get them from www.ei5di.com/sd/cty.zip.  They replace
the .CTY files distributed with V15.55.

The CQWW DX Contest takes place from 00:00 UTC Saturday 26th
November to 23:59 UTC Sunday 27th.  It is CW-only on the 6
contest bands from 160-10m.

Rules at http://www.cqww.com/rules.php

SD V15.55 supports SO entries.  It runs on Windows PCs.

   Select the "CQ WW" template.

Work everyone.  Exchange CQ Zone.

After the contest, use SDCHECK to create your Cabrillo .LOG
file.  Email it to cw at cqww.com.

Please mention SD in your soapbox comments.

Paul EI5DI

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