[SD-User] How do I...

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Thu Jan 12 12:38:42 PST 2012

On 11/01/2012 15:07, John Huffman wrote:

> Running with ESM on, I get a small pileup and only get partial calls.
> The guy with AX in his call is the strongest.  Is there a way to enter
> AX? in the callsign box and hit enter and have the Winkey send "AX?" but
> not the exchange and keep the cursor in the callsign spot?  Right now it
> sends AX? and then the exchange in F2.

One option is to press Esc (after the ?), or tap a
paddle to do the same thing - however it might cause
a problem when you complete the call and then expect
Enter to send the full exchange.

Dare I suggest sending AX? on the key?   :-)

> With the CW Ops Mini-CWT I don't need a Cabrillo log post contest, but I
> do need stations per band and multipliers *per band*.  The summary on
> the SD program shows the stations per band, but just a total for
> multipliers and not per band.  Is there a way in SD or SD Check to show
> per band multipliers?

My understanding is that mults do not count by band,
being simply the total of different stations worked
regardless of band.  In this respect it's the same as
mults in CW WPX.  I know that the 3830 score submission
form expects "mults by band".  It's just that there's
no such thing in this contest.

In these circumstances, what should I do?

Paul EI5DI

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