[SD-User] Changing Bands in SD with no Rig Control

Timothy McKnight ei2ka.tim at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 09:45:33 PDT 2012

I had problems changing bands in SD during the CW Field Day contest.

I recently got rig control working on HRD with my IC-7600 and thought I
could get it working on SD (v 15.61) before the contest.  I used the PORTS
command to set SD to COM12 (same as HRD uses) and changed BPS to match the
rig but couldn't get SD to read the rig's frequency (HRD was not running
during these attempts).  So I decided to operate in the contest without rig
control as I've always done before.

SD worked as expected until I went to change the band.  The F1 key wouldn't
change bands.  Keying '20M' or other band into the callsign area also
wouldn't work (it would take me to QSO number 20) unless there was not yet
a QSO with the same number as the band.  SD then wouldn't let me get back
to the field for entering a new QSO unless I shut down SD and re-started
it--and still I had the wrong band.  The only way I could change band in SD
was, after shutting down and re-starting the programme, to log a QSO in the
wrong band and immediately go to that QSO and use the F1 key (F1 seemed to
work OK only after having shut down and re-started SD--and then only that

Needless to say, this made the contest very frustrating for me.  Half-way
through the contest I went back into the PORTS and BPS command and re-set
the numbers to what they were before but that didn't help.

Has anyone had a similar problem or know how to fix this?


Tim Ei2KA

from Tim McKnight, Ei2KA

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