[SD-User] Contests This Weekend 31 Aug - 1 Sep.

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Fri Aug 30 16:37:05 EDT 2013

Contests supported by SD.

V17.13 is free from - http://www.ei5di.com
Please mention SD in your Cabrillo soapbox comments.

Paul EI5DI



SD Options - "CW OPEN"
   3 entirely separate 4-hour sessions on Saturday 31 August
     0000-0359, 1200-1559, 2000-2359 - all UTC.
     You may choose to operate in any or all sessions.
   160 - 10m
   CW Only

   Everyone works everyone.
   Exchange Serial and Name - (5NN not needed)
     Serials start at 001 for each session.
   Mults:  Each valid unique callsign worked.

Logs:  Upload at

Tennessee QSO Party

SD Options - "Tennessee QP, TN" and "Tennessee QP, DX"
   (You'll need V17.13A)
   9 hours from 18:00 UTC Sunday 1 September
   160 - 10m
   CW, SSB, Mixed  (Data not supported)

   Tennessee stations work everyone, and send
   a 4-character district (county) code.
   Others work Tennessee only, and send State,
   Province or Country prefix.

   Mults - Tennessee counties by band.

Logs to - logs at tnqp dot org

Colorado QSO Party

No direct support in SD, but you can log using
the "General, No Serial" option
   16 hours from 12:00 UTC Saturday 31 August
   160 - 10m
   SSB, CW, Mixed (Data not supported)

   Colorado stations work everyone, and send
   Name and 3-character district (county) code.
   Others work Colorado only, and send State,
   Province or Country prefix.

   Mults - Colorado Counties, once per mode.

Logs to - coqplogs at ppraa dot org


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