[SD-User] Contests This Weekend - 24/25 August

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Fri Aug 23 10:00:39 EDT 2013

Contests supported by SD.

V17.13 is free from - http://www.ei5di.com
Please mention SD in your Cabrillo soapbox comments.


YO DX HF Contest:

SD Options - "YO DX, DX" and "YO DX, YO"
   24 hours from 12:00 UTC Saturday 24 August
   80 - 10m
   CW, SSB and Mixed

   Everyone works everyone
   YOs send 2-character district code.
   Others send a serial.
   Mults - DXCC countries and YO districts - by band.

   Logs to - yodx-contest at hamradio dot ro

CVA DX Contest - SSB

SD Options - "CVA DX, DX" and CVA DX, PY"
   24 hours from 21:00 UTC Saturday 24 August
   80 - 10m
   SSB Only

   Everyone works everyone
   PYs send 2-character district code, but
   you'll also get MIL, YL, TEEN, HQ
   Others send DX.
   Mults - PY districts by band, and DXCC countries (once).

   Logs to - ssb at craec dot org

Hawaii QSO Party

SD Options - "Hawaii QP, DX" and "Hawaii QP, HI"
   48 hours from 04:00 UTC Saturday 24 August
   160 - 10m

   DX work Hawaii only, and vice versa
   Hawaii entrants send 3-charatcter district code.
   US/VE send 2-character state or province.
   Others send 59(9) only.
   Mults - Hawaiian districts by band.

   Logs to - awards at hawaiiqsoparty dot org

Kansas QSO Party

SD Option - "Kansas QP, DX"
   24 hours from 14:00 UTC Saturday 24 August AND
    6 hours from 14:00 UTC Sunday 25 August
   80 - 2m
   CW and SSB

   Work Kansas only - they will give 3-character
   district (county) codes.
   Send 2-character state or province or DX.
   Mults - Kansas counties (once only).

   Logs to - logs at ksqsoparty dot org

Ohio QSO Party

SD Options - "Ohio QSO Party, DX" and "Ohio QSO Party, OH"
   12 hours from 16:00 UTC Saturday 24 August
   80 - 10m
   CW and SSB

   Outside Ohio works Ohio only
   Send serial and state, province or DX
   Ohio works everyone, sends serial &
   4-character county code.
   Mults - Ohio counties, once only.

   Logs to - logs at ohqp dot org

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