[SD-User] SD behaviour?

Andrew boy251144 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 00:06:35 EDT 2013

Hello all;

In previous edition of SD I noticed strange behaviour of the cursor 
jumping right away from call  to RTS area; that   was probably fixed in  
current version.

In current version I can see also something, than is probably not guite 
Communication  radio<>computer is working -  for example when I type C 
in call area to change mode to CW - all is ok - radio follows computer 
and goes to CW. Also when I type S in call area <enter> - radio goes 
back  to SSB and all looks OK on my computer screen.

The story is diffrent when I switch mode on my rig: - SD follows my rig 
and goes  to  radio's mode..BUT>>> for some reason the FREQUENCY DISPLAY 
(yellow digits bellow the call area)  gone.. If I want to see that 
frequency display again  - I must change vfo just abit - then SD will 
show QRG again.
Im not  sure - if this is just bahaviour of my computer, or the problem 
is in the  guts of SD.

This is not a total tragedy, but will be nice to see it working as expected.

Perhaps there is somebody out there with perscription...how to cure 
it..thank's in advance!!

73, de Andrew VK2AR

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