[SD-User] V18.22 Released

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Wed Apr 13 10:52:21 EDT 2016

V18.22  11 April 2016

CQMM DX Contest:
      Not to be confused with the CQ-M or CQWW contests.

      Added band/multiplier worked/needed analysis as
      callsigns are typed.

      In addition, prefix mults (which count by band)
      have the prefix highlighted, and country mults
      (which count once only) have the full callsign

RSGB International Sprints:
      Separate templates supplied for the RSGB 80m and
      International sprints.

Zero-Points QSOs:
     These include, for example, non-Commonwealth QSOs
     in BERU or non-W/VE QSOs in ARRL DX. While logging,
     the callsign turns red (as for dupes).  Thanks

Previously Logged QSOs.
     Zero-point QSOs, including dupes, which are not
     multipliers (as in CQWW), are "dimmed" - printed
     in red, to make it obvious they are non-scoring

     Callsigns that are dupes are flagged instantly
     as they are typed, and they change to red,
     rather than the bright red previously used. This
     is controlled by the SD_DUPECLR parameter in
     SD.INI. The default value is now 4 (red), is
     was 12 (bright red).

     For this to work as intended, YOU SHOULD EDIT
     THE SD-DUPECLR parameter in your SD.INI file.
     Change its value to 4.

Potential Dupes:
     V18.09 described how a small square, displayed
     above the first character of the callsign,
     indicates that the callsign you're still typing
     could be a dupe. Its colour is now red, not as a
     warning, but to make it more noticeable. Once the
     square disappears, you know the callsign will not
     be a dupe, no matter what characters are added.

     This feature is useful only when searching and
     pouncing and, in particular, near the end of a
     contest when you're running out of stations to
     work.  While running, it's not relevant and
     you'll not notice it.

Editing QSOs:
     Fixed some unreported scoring errors following
     callsign edits which created or removed dupes.

SPDX Contest:
     Fixed display error while logging SP districts.

Commonwealth Contest:
     HQ stations are now highlighted as bonus QSOs.
     Thanks G0HDB.

JIDX Contest:
     Due to broken code in V18.21. non-JA calls did
     not change to red as they were being typed, and
     non-JA QSOs were not flagged as zero-point QSOs.
     Fixed, thanks VK2AR.


If you find bugs in V18.22, send the details to
sduser at contesting.com. Older versions are not
supported, so please confirm that the problem
exists in V18.22.

Please download your up-to-date Super Check Partial
files from supercheckpartial.com.  They are not
included with SD.

Let me know if you need support for other contests.

Paul EI5DI

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