[SD-User] Rig Control

Ipse mort.g2jl at ntlworld.com
Fri Nov 10 15:06:35 EST 2017

GE !

I can still control my IC-7000 with Ham Radio Deluxe, but this year,  with a
new computer, I cannot control the rig when using SD.  It's been possible in
years past, with the same rig, cables and so on.  Going through the business
of setting the PORTS to match what works with HRD,  at some varying point,
I get the message "Rig Control Inactive".  Going through dozens of port
numbers,  still "Inactive".  I have tried to find guidance in The Manual,
without result.

This means I have to change the logged band manually,  and it is easy to
make mistakes and forget.

Can anyone shed light (the light in my shed is dim) on this problem ?

73 - Mort, SV5/G2JL

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