[SD-User] Contests this weekend.

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Fri Apr 19 13:37:16 EDT 2019

Here are the main contests this weekend.
They are supported by SD V21.05 - free from www.ei5di.com

Holyland DX Contest:
2100z Friday to 2100z Saturday
Work 4X/4Z only.  Send Serial, Receive District Code
Rules at https://www.iarc.org/iarc/#HolylandContest
SD Option:  "Holyland DX"

ES Open HF Championship:
Various times - see rules.
Rules at www.erau.ee/images/LL/ES-Open_rules.pdf
Work ES only.  Exchange Serials
It's OK to work the same stations again when the "Hour" changes
Use SD's SETDUPE command to manage this.
SD Option: "Estonia Open HF"

Worked all provinces of China:
0600z Saturday to 0559z Sunday.
Rules at www.mulandxc.org/582#more-582
Work everyone. Exchange Serials (or District Code from China)
SD Option: "WAPC, DX"

YU DX Contest:
0700z Saturday to 0659z Sunday
Rules at www.yudx.yu1srs.org.rs/2019/INTERNATIONAL_YUDX_HF_CONTEST_2019.pdf
Work everyone. Exchange Serials (or District Code from YU)
SD Option: "YU DX"

CQMM DX Contest: CW only
0900z Saturday to 2359z Sunday
Rules at www.cqmmdx.com/rules/
Work everyone - exchange Continent (EU etc. add "M" for member)
SD Option: "CQMM DX" (take care to select this one)
This contest is good for working South America.

Michigan QSO Party:
1600z Saturday to 0400z Sunday.
Rules at www.miqp.org/Rules.htm
Work Michigan only.  Send Serial, Receive District Code (Michigan Counties)
SD Option: "Michigan QP, DX"

Ontario QSO Party:
1800z Saturday to 0500z Sunday and 1200z-1800z Sunday
Rules at www.va3cco.com/oqp/rules.htm
Work Ontario Only. Send Serial and Country (EI, G etc.)
Receive Dictrict Code (Ontario counties)
SD Option: "OQP, DX"

Who says there are too many contests?

Paul EI5DI

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