[SECC] IARU Update

Guy West gwest@febc.org.ph" <gwest@febc.org.ph
Sun, 9 Jul 2000 13:08:46 -0000

A wonderful yet frustrating experience.

1st the good news, I checked the list of 4-land calls I heard but couldn't work and didn't find
any SECC members.  Total heard was 6, most on 20M. Total worked was 0.  I did get as
far east as Kansas.

I am still not used to working the formerly "rare" zones in slow hours because they are now
the only ones heard. If I can't break a pileup into China, Taiwan, or Thailand on 1 call its a good
strategy to just move on and come back a few hours later when the pile is gone.

Propogation here seemed quite good, especially on 15 with major openings around 1200-1400UTC to the US.
and slightly later to europe and asia.  Though a dipole at 40ft was a major improvement over the mobile whip
in the parking lot of my appartment in GA, I need to bring up my signal by 8-12 dB.  Most hams here in DU
land seem to run linears, and I can see why.  I was forever just at the noise level. Operators could hear me
but couldn't get the call.  Also, I am getting used to being burried in a pile of JA's, but where are they when I
call CQ?  There just isn't any justice:)  Actually my best strategy was to be on the band too long, or too soon
when the odds of finding a big signal without a JA pileup are vastly improved.  I was able to work a lot of the
stateside contacts using that method.

I also need to get a DU official call because DU1/N0MMA is a real pain to try and send through on the tough
ones, and with my current barefoot rig with low dipole, most of the contacts are tough ones.  It was a good character
building experience. 

I will be concentrating on getting some better wire in the air for 20M and expecially on 15M, and perhaps find an
amplifier that I can afford on a missionary salary.  I need to look out behind the transmitter building and find out
if we have any good homebrew parts laying around.  Possibly not since we are still using General MacArthurs
transmitter in day to day operation on shortwave.

It was very nice to be back in the "contest" seat again.  My stamina is only good for 6-8 hours in a row now, so
I will also have to "work out" more and get in shape.  Hope all of you enjoyed the summer break on the bands.


P.S.  I am only weeks from activating the new antenna system at our Bocaue Broadcast Facility.  I have 3
16 element multiband steerable arrays with reflectors and 1 8 element steerable array with reflector that are usable on 
40M and 20M bands.  Unfortunately though I have almost 180 degree beam coverage, it ends at due north.  I need 15-30 degrees
to work the U.S., but I do have europe firmly in the sights.  

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