Gary Breed gary@noblepub.com
Mon, 24 Jul 2000 11:30:35 -0400

Here is my rough score -- Writelog doesn't have GQP, so I picked one
of the other state QSO party setups.  Log entry was OK, but the
scoring needs to checked and the log reformatted...

A part-time effort, but I tried to hand out as many QSOs as possible
on most band/modes when I was on.

K9AY/4 Gwinnett County
SO/Low Power
IC-765 -- X9 tribander -- 40M rotatable dipole

80CW   40CW   20CW   15CW   10CW

1/1    68/27  62/25  24/12  3/3

75SB   40SB   20SB   15SB   10SB

0/0    5/4    2/1    1/1    57/17

Total CW (158 x 2pts); SSB (65 x 1 pt) = 381 QSO pts.

                         x Total Mults =  91
                         Claimed score = 34,671

Sunday morning 10M opening was pretty good -- 45 QSOs in 25 minutes
before I had to quit.  QRN made 40M difficult until after 0100 Sat.
I planned to operate some more Sunday evening, but decided to leave 
everything unplugged until the storms passed.

Hope everybody had fun!  It's nice to have an excuse to get on in
the midst of the summer doldrums.

73, Gary

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