[SECC] Weekend contests

John T. Laney, III K4BAI@worldnet.att.net
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 14:13:42 -0700

Hello all:

Here is a summary of contest this weekend, Sept 16 and 17.

1.  Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC) CW.  This can be a lot of fun. 
The Scandinavian guys are generally good ops.  

12Z Sat to 12Z Sunday.  80,40,20,15,10 CW.  (No QSOs above 14059)  Send
RST + serial nr beginning with 001.

Washington State Salmon Run.  1850, 3550, 3925, 7045, 7260, 14050,
14280, 21050, 21380, 38050, 28380.  Down 5 khz for mobiles and county
expeditions.  Cw on half hour.  160 at 05Z.  80/75 at 03 and 06Z.
Send RST plus state.  39 counties to work.  They always have a good in
state turnout for this one, so it can be fun.  N0AX has announced that
he will be bouncing around to several Eastern Washington counties.

QRP, LP, HP, CW, SSB, and Mixed categories.

A can of smoked salmon to the highest score in each call area.

500 bonus points per mode (not per band) for QSOs with W7DX.
16Z Sat to 07Z Sun; 16 to 24Z Sun.

3.  QCWA QSO Party.  Open this year to members and non-members alike.
160 through UHF.  1910, 3540, 3890, 7035, 7244, 14040, 14262, 21050,
21365, 28050, 28325.  16Z Sat to 16Z Sun.  Can't figure out the exchange
from the office since it refers to the required logsheet.  This can be
downloaded from the QCWA web site, but it a ZIPped file and I'm not
going to fool with it for this purpose.  Just send back whatever you are
sent, but do not use "At Large" for a QCWA member (like myself) who is
not a member of a chapter.  (Apparently this was too easy to confuse At
Large with Alabama on CW.)

4.  NA Sprint SSB.  Sun 00Z to 04Z (Sat night local).  80, 40 20. 
Exchange QSO #, Name, State.  QSY 5 khz for a new CQ and 2(?) khz to
answer another station.  The way it generally works is that the station
who answers someone else's CQ keeps the frequency for one more QSO and
then QSYs a short distance to call someone else or at least 5 khz to CQ
again.  Activity usually starts on 20 and moves down the bands.

Hope everyone has a good time this weekend.  Be active on the air!

73, John, K4BAI.

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