[SECC] Contest for the weekend of Sept 30 - Oct 1

John T. Laney, III K4BAI@worldnet.att.net
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 15:09:01 -0700

Hello all:  

This is something that I'd like to do every week, but don't get time
some weeks.  When you get tired of seeing this info, please let me know
and I'll consider your request.

I will be out of town on court business until Friday night, so this is
coming a little earlier than usual.

The weekend of Sept 30 - Oct 1 splits a month (like our 1999 GQP) and
therefore has fewer than the usual number of contests.

1) TQP - Texas QSO Party.  Organized very similar to GQP.  Norm, W3DYA/M
will be joined by John, N6MU in mobiling on CW to many of Texas' 254
counties.  Other mobiles are usually active, particular on SSB.  Norm
and John have been very supportive of our recent GQPs and Norm has
operated /M in Ga both years.  TR and NA support the contest.

14Z Sat to 05Z Sun.  14Z Sun to 20Z Sun.  Send RS(T) plus State and
receive RS(T) plus county.  Suggested frequencies:  40 to 60 khz up on
CW.  25 khz up in General Class Segments on SSB (that means 3875, 7250,
14250, 21325) plus 28.3 to 28.5 and 50.2 mhz.  

There are special QRP and CW only categories.  Logs may be e-mailed to

2)  RSGB 21/28 mhz SSB Contest  (The CW date is Oct 17):

Oct 1  07Z to 19Z.  Send RS plus serial number starting with 001.  UK
stations add their Distcit Code.  Work only UK stations.  (calls begin
with G, M, and 2).  Freq:  21.150 - 21.350; 28450-29000.  Logs to G3UFY.

There is a QRP section.   Also a "restricted" section.  Only one antenna
allowed, single element, maximum height of 15 meters, maximum of 100
watts output.  Apparently one antenna means that the antenna cannot be
resonant on both bands.  No use of packet by single ops.  Logs to G3UFY.

Hope everyone has fun this weekend.  There should even be time for yard
(and antenna) work.

73, John, K4BAI.

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