[SECC] Contesting - Of Course !

Jay Pryor jpryor@arches.uga.edu
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 14:59:34 -0500


I can only tell you what I'm using, which may or may not be for you.  I'm 
using a Heil headset with the HC5 element and have no reason to 
complain.  It hurts my ears a bit after a 48-hour contest, but I think it's 
likely that most do.  I use a foot switch for phone contesting.

I own a Logikey keyer but don't use it.  My logging program (TRLog) keys my 
radio, and I have paddle input so I can key the radio either from the 
computer or from the paddle.  I think that most contesters today use their 
computer for keying.


- Jay/K4OGG

At 02:32 PM 3/22/2001, Gordon Macie wrote:
>Fellow Contesters,
>     I am in need of some new equipment and would appreciate some input 
> from such an experienced group of contesters.. First of all I am in the 
> market for a set of headphones. I noticed on the A52A video shown at the 
> SEDXC meeting Tuesday night that all the operators seemed to be using 
> Heil Headsets.. I didn't get a change to ask Wes if they were a sponser 
> or that was what everyone preferred. During my contesting days I didn't 
> use a computer log so I had my hands free and didn't normally use a 
> headset but that seems unpractical now days.
>So what do you recommend..
>     I have a 10 yr old MFJ Grandmaster Keyer but it seems to be a bit on 
> the ill side.. Not sure I want to take the time to try and fix it.. What 
> do cw contesters use today ??? I see MFJ still has a line of keyers. I 
> just bought a new MFJ tuner and am disappointed in the quality.. Not sure 
> if I want to buy another MFJ product... I have never used a keyboard to 
> work cw. I can type fast so that maybe an option...
>Just thinking ahead to wpx cw...
>Thanks in advance for any advice / opinions..
>P.S. I have recieved quite a few responses from my introduction message. 
>Thanks for such a nice welcome...
>Gordon Macie
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